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Every day, our athletes inspire people everywhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential. Learn more about the power Special Olympics has to make real change all around the world.

Mom of Special Olympics Germany Athlete Inspires 45+ People to Volunteer and Work at Special Olympics World Games in Berlin

Few people can say they are single-handedly responsible for more than 45 people volunteering and working at Special Olympics World Games in Berlin.
4 Min Read

St. Maarten Special Olympics Swimmers Learn the Importance of Fit Feet

Swimmers don’t always think about their feet, except when they are concentrating on kicking and propelling themselves through the pool or an open water swim.
1 Min Read

A Girl’s Place is on an Inclusive Playing Field: Women Sports Leaders Discuss How to Make Sports Inclusive for All

Using Special Olympics World Games in Berlin as a backdrop, women sports leaders discussed ways to improve opportunities for women and girls to engage in sports.
6 Min Read

Special Olympics Fans Leave Lasting Impression on World Games 2023

There was no shortage of amazing fans at the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 and each day, fans and family members were able to join in the spirit of the Games helping to support and uplift all those competing.
3 Min Read

Patty Carosotto Finds Passion and Purpose in Childhood

Patty Carosotto spent most of her athletic days in the pool. Whether it be after school or on the weekends, she would splash into the water under the crisp sunlight in preparation for meets. All the while, her brother, who was born with cerebral palsy, got lost in the sound waves listening to Dodgers games. It was all the lessons she learned along the way caring for him that would shape her career to what it is today.
4 Min Read

accessiBe joins World Games Berlin 2023

accessiBe delegation members attend their first Special Olympics World Games as volunteers.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Mali Surprise Wins their First Basketball Gold, and So Much More

It’s the third quarter of their first match, and their opposing team has yet to feature on the scoreboard.
2 Min Read

Record Number of Africa Ministers at Games

A record number of government ministries from Africa Region were represented at the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, Germany.
1 Min Read

The Work and Joy of Being Officials

A badminton competition starts—men’s doubles between Special Olympics Indonesia and Special Olympics Denmark.
1 Min Read

Feeling the Crowd: A Letter from a Fan in the Stands

Excitement. It’s a good feeling.
2 Min Read

What Volunteering Means to Emily Moss from Melbourne

Emily Moss traveled almost 10,000 miles / 16,000 km all the way from Melbourne, Australia to volunteer at the Special Olympics World Game 2023 in Berlin.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Athletes Lead the Way Toward Inclusive Fitness

The following is an expert from the CDC’s website post titled CDC and Special Olympics: Inclusive Health. For more information or to read the entire post, please visit the page here.
2 Min Read